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About South Fork Ranch . . .

South Fork Ranch, started in l996, is owned & operated by the Lechner family (pronounced lek'ner). We are native Clevelanders who knew almost nothing about cattle and even less about ranching. What we did know, however, was that we had a lot of land that would need to be mowed & we had to do something quick or spend the rest of our lives on a tractor mowing grass in the hot Florida sun.....Yuck !!

We chose Brangus cattle instead . . . 

Today's BRANGUS are the result of the efforts of cattlemen looking for beef cattle that could not only survive but thrive under stressful conditions and still produce a high quality, tender, juicy product for the marketplace. 
In l912, the USDA Experiment Station in Jeanerette, Louisiana and other individual breeders in the southwest began crossing the Brahma and Angus with the goal of producing just such an animal.
The success of their efforts are demonstrated in today's BRANGUS. Animals whose characteristics combine the best qualities of two fabulous breeds.... the hardiness of a Brahman with the delicious beauty of the Angus.

Beef . . . it's whats for dinner.

Brangus cattle must be 3/8 Brahma and 5/8 Angus, totally black and polled to be registered with The International Brangus Breeders Association. This precise combination results in the outstanding Brangus qualities of heat tolerance, disease resistance, high fertility, easy birthing and tender, juicy beef for the dinner table.

If you'd like to know more about Brangus or find a breeder near you, visit the The International Brangus Breeders Association website. 

Contact us . . . 

South Fork Ranch is located in beautiful South Lake County, 15 miles south of Clermont, Florida at the intersection of State Route 33 & County Route 561.We are 30 minutes from beautiful Orlando & the Wonderful World of Disney. Visitors and mail ALWAYS welcome!
South Fork Ranch
7383 South Fork Ranch Rd.
Clermont, FL 34711
(352) 394-7313
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